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Our Escape Rooms Chattanooga

Sabotage: Escape Experience Chattanooga

Sabotage: Chattanooga 1944

Ultimate Escape Room in Chattanooga:  In 1944, Chattanooga was a rail transportation hub for troops and material during WW II, making it an inviting target for enemy agents bent on sabotaging the American war effort. A plot has been uncovered and the clock is ticking. Can you unravel the clues revealing the saboteur’s plan and prevent a serious blow to the Allies march to victory before time runs out?  Read More

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Locker Room Lockdown: Chattanooga Kids Activities

Locker Room Lockdown: Mascot Rescue

Your team, the Wolfpack, have discovered that your longtime rivals, the Tigers, have stolen your beloved mascot, Wolfie, and have him hidden in their locker room.  Your coaches went in to get him back, but got trapped by the clever Tigers.  The Tigers are on the field and will be back in 60 minutes. Can your team free the coaches and retrieve Wolfie before the Tigers show up?  Read More

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