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Sabotage: Chattanooga 1944

The Ultimate Escape Experience in Chattanooga

Sabotage: The ultimate escape experience Chattanooga

Ages 12-adult, 2 to 8 players
60 minutes,  multi-threaded, non-linear
Cost: $26 per player
Difficulty 8/10

The ultimate escape experience in Chattanooga:  In 1944 a Nazi plot to sabotage the American war effort is underway.  Nearly every day US military troop trains carrying hundreds of soldiers pass through Chattanooga on their way to southern shipping ports for transit to Europe.  On the outskirts of town the nations’ largest TNT plant manufactures munitions that share the same rail lines as the troop trains.  This strategic combination makes the railroads in the Chattanooga area a prime target for sabotage. The FBI suspects that the saboteur has been operating out this small depot.  Can your team uncover his plan and prevent a major disaster from impeding the war effort?

This Chattanooga themed adventure is set in 1944, at the height of WWII.  While it has a special appeal to history and railroad fans, the game is a fun trip back to the days of war bonds, rationing and upbeat big-band music.  The room is designed for up to 8 players, but teams of two have successfully completed the room.

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