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Chattanooga Team Building Activities

for Corporations and Organizations

Organized Chattanooga team building activities are a great way to enhance the bonds between your employees or group members.  Quest2Escape will work with managers or event organizers to plan an invigorating session in our challenging escape rooms.  Team members will have the opportunity to interact with their co-workers in an environment that emphasizes cooperation and out-of-the-box thinking.  Working together in an escape room brings out the best of everyone and lets co-workers discover skills and aptitudes that may not be obvious in the regular work environment.  Managers have the opportunity to observe the interaction between their team members in a challenging, fun setting where everyone can let their hair down a bit and really engage with their co-workers.

Quest2Escape now offers a meeting room which can be reserved for your team building event.  The room is a spacious 15′ x 17′ area equipped with tables and chairs.  Use the room before your escape adventure to gather and talk about the goals and expectations of the exercise.  Afterwards the team can meet for a debriefing session to talk about the room and let each member share their view of the experience.   We can even arrange to play back the session so everyone can review the whole experience and see their team from a different perspective.

Our Locker Room Lock-down room has a sports theme and emphasizes teamwork with multiple physical tasks which require more than one person to accomplish.  Everyone has to work together to achieve the multiple goals demanded by the room to be successful.  Our  SABOTAGE: Chattanooga 1944 room also presents multiple tasks which are best solved by collaboration, but also let individuals demonstrate their skills.  Both rooms are highly immersive, challenging and engaging.  Your team will talk about the “shortest hour they have ever experienced” for a long time.

If you would like to discuss a Chattanooga team building or bonding session, please give us a call to talk about your goals for the exercise.  We will make arrangements for an outing your team will never forget!

423-414-2527 or 1-888-720-1979