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Locker Room Lockdown: Mascot Rescue

Chattanooga Kids Activities

Chattanooga kids activities include Locker Room escape room

A Family Friendly Escape Experience

Ages 10-adult; 3-8 players
60 minutes
Cost: $26 per player
Difficulty 5/10

This escape game was designed for all ages and is a great choice for Chattanooga kids activities, family fun and parties – emphasizing teamwork and strengthening bonds.  The players are divided into the coaching staff and the team. Assigning younger players to play the team role gives them the opportunity to be the stars, getting the coaches out of their predicament and finding Wolfie too.  Both the coaches and team have their own puzzles to solve, but many of the tasks require cooperation between the two groups. The two groups can see and talk to each other but have limited ability to physically interact until the coaches are set free.  The final puzzles require everyone to work together to escape the locker room before the Tigers return.

This escape game has proven to be quite challenging for all-adult teams and groups with older teenagers too.  Being family friendly doesn’t mean it is easy. The puzzles are challenging and the need to work together closely adds a new dimension to this unique Chattanooga escape room scenario!

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