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Saving Christmas

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Saving Christmas, One of the best Chattanooga Christmas Events

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It’s Christmas Eve and Santa has a problem.  One of his Elves has had a bad day and turned very Grinch-like.  He has hidden Santa’s bag of presents.  Santa has a tight schedule to keep if he is going to visit everyone on his “Nice” list.  If he doesn’t get moving in 45 minutes, Christmas is going to be ruined for someone.  The rogue Elf is a sporting fellow and has left a trail of clues as to where he has stashed the bag.  Can your team follow the clues, solve the puzzles and find Santa’s bag before it is too late?

Price: $19/player, 45 minute game
Ages: 8 – 80+:  all groups must include at least one player 18 or older.
Difficulty: 4/10;  linear game
Number of Players: 2 – 8; recommended 4 – 6