Chattanooga’s Downtown Escape Room Adventure

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Chattanooga’s newest Escape Room facility in the heart of downtown is ready to challenge your adventurous side.  Our Market Street location right across from Jack’s Alley is an easy walk from all the downtown attractions, activities and lodging.  Come experience our challenging adventures and see if you have what it takes to complete your mission in 60 minutes.

Who wants to PLAY?


A great way for friends to gather, bond and play a game that they will talk about forever!


Entire families can play together, each contributing to their success using individual strengths and through teamwork!


Can’t get enough of your co-workers during regular business hours?  Get everyone into a locked room and let them show you skills you never knew they had!  Bring the boss along and get him to pay for a team building outing!

Wait a minute… An Escape Room?  What the heck is THAT?

Reasonable question!  Imagine being transported to some other time and place with a few of your friends, and maybe a stranger or two, and are given a challenging task you must complete in 60 minutes.  The exit is locked, and your only escape is to complete your mission in time.  Doesn’t sound like much fun does it?  Well, you are SO wrong!  It’s awesome!  If you would like to read more about the concept, clicking here is a good start.   (


Whether your a group of experienced enthusiasts or are playing an escape room for the first time, we can tailor your adventure to challenge you at your skill level.  Our rooms are flexible to ensure that the challenge presented is fun and fulfilling, not frustrating.  We want you to come back and play all of our rooms!


Our goal at Quest2Escape is to have every customer leave with a smile on their face and with lasting memories of their adventure in our rooms.   Fun is what it is all about and if your not having fun then neither are we.


Our escape rooms are great team building experiences and great for getting to know one another in a different environment.  Working together to solve the myriad of challenges presented in the room push collaboration to a new level.

Our Escape Adventures

Chattanooga 1944

In 1944, Chattanooga was a rail transportation hub for troops and material during WW II, making it an inviting target for enemy agents bent on sabotaging the American war effort.  A plot has been uncovered and the clock is ticking.  Can you unravel the clues revealing the saboteur’s plan and prevent a serious blow to the Allies march to victory before time runs out?  Read More

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This game is designed with families in mind, with a focus on teamwork. Kids 10-15 are given the opportunity to be the heroes in the game, when required to free adults from the Tigers trap.

The Orange Tigers have a reputation for playing mischievous pranks. They have stolen your team’s beloved mascot. Today you and your family/friends are determined to retrieve your mascot before tomorrow’s game. Seems the Tigers were expecting you. Somehow you and your team have become trapped. Have THEY turned the tables and set a trap for YOU? Your quest is to find your kidnapped mascot, and escape the locked locker room before the entire Tiger team returns, within 45 minutes!

The Locker Room Lockdown: Midnight Adventure will be a 60 minute adult version of the Locker Room.   The theme is a little more nefarious in that you and  your team are the ones with mischievous intentions.  You are breaking into their locker room at night, and a security guard makes rounds every hour.

Under Development

Our facility has space for five large adventure rooms.  Plans are underway to bring exciting new challenges to life.  Keep an eye on this space and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We will post clues and challenges that will lead you to discover the plot and story line for our next room. Keep watching!